UNCG Research

Researcher Zone


Project Milestones
Preparing and Submitting Proposals
Launching a Funded Project Managing a Funded Project Ending a Funded Project
Find Funding
Complete Required Training Plan and Pay for Travel Disseminate Your Work
Identify Collaborators
Gain IRB or IACUC Approval Make Purchases Request a No-cost Extension
Determine Technology Needs
Recruit Participants Manage Budgets Submit Final Reports
Prepare Budgets
Determine Final Budget Manage Personnel Close Out Accounts
Address Technology Needs Secure and Manage Data
Access Financial Accounts Pay Participants
Pay Faculty and Students
Issue Subcontracts
Hire New Personnel
Compliance Related Concerns
Use of Human Subjects
Use of Animal Subjects Conflict of Interest Data Management and Retention
Export Control
Spending Policies and Procedures Intellectual Property HIPAA
Frequently Accessed Resources
Forms and Templates
Websites e-Systems (e.g., RAMSeS, IRBIS) People
International Research
Corporate and Foundation Relations