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Building Blocks

From the spring 2017 UNCG Research Magazine Verna Torain has lived in east Greensboro’s Cottage Grove neighborhood for more than 25 …Read More

UNCG takes giant steps with millennial campus

Repost from UNCG NOW  The University of North Carolina Board of Governors today approved a proposal from The University of …Read More

Novel ADHD study & findings featured by APA Journals Dialogue

In the news On May 9, 2017, the APA Journals Dialogue podcast featured UNCG Professor Arthur Anastopoulos and his collaborators from …Read More

Dead men tell no tales

From the spring 2017 UNCG Research Magazine “Burials show what the society values,” says undergraduate researcher Ena Prskalo, explaining her …Read More

Rueppell awarded $1 million for honey bee research

Redacted from UNCG press release Biology Professor Olav Rueppell has been awarded a nearly $1 million grant from the United States …Read More

2016-17 Research Excellence Awards

UNCG Research congratulates Dr. Sat Gupta and Dr. Amanda Tanner, our 2016-2017 Research Excellence Award winners. Dr. Sat Gupta receives the Senior …Read More

Bones, butchery & the evolution of skill acquisition

Repost from UNCG NOW UNCG takes pride in its hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. Whether it’s through innovative teaching in the …Read More

Bars, Blues & Booze

Redacted from the fall 2016 Research Magazine The inspiration for Dr. Emily Edwards’ second book is rooted in her youth. She …Read More

Go Beyond

Redacted from the fall 2016 Research Magazine Imagine you’ve spent years building a house. You’ve invested time and labor into the …Read More

FY17 Third Quarter Awards & Submissions

Awards Awards separated by school/college. Listings by award amount, name of lead PI, title, and sponsor.  Bryan School of Business and Economics Awards $18,866 – …Read More