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Spring 2017 UNCG Research Magazine — Going Global

Building healthy neighborhoods, politics in the classroom, a new approach to business ed, and more

Posted on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 by UNCG Research.

The spring 2017 issue of UNCG Research Magazine is now available online and in print!

Spring 2017 Research Magazine

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X-panding the Classroom  X-Culture offers global business experience to students, plus a world of data.

Building Blocks  Data crunching and cross-city collaborations to make neighborhoods stronger.

Civics Education  Do tough political issues have a place in high school classrooms? Absolutely.

Is It Worth It?  Getting the best bang for your buck in health interventions – including for alcohol use.


Break the Chain  From asylums to prisons

Peacemaker  Religion in conflict resolution and military education

Birds, Bees & Barbershops  Sexual health communication between African American parents and youth

Rewire  Portable monitoring to diagnose and treat PTSD

Healthy Vessels  Soy and Cdots for cardiovascular health

In Harmony  Arts collaborative brings community kids and UNCG music students together


Are You Sure?  Top senior research award goes to Professor of Philosophy Zimmerman


Dead Men Tell No Tales  Undergraduate researcher Ena Prskalo

One Diaper at a Time  Graduate researcher Kelley Massengale


The Art of Democracy  Citizens speak through socially-engaged “I Wish to Say” project

Poet on the Good Road  Revisiting an America of possibilities

Coming to Terms with the Modern South  Rethinking Southern studies


Nanomaterials for green energy   Developing flexible, environmentally-friendly, and affordable solar panels


For print copies of the magazine, please contact Ms. Debbie Freund at freundd@uncg.edu or 336.256.0426. Full spread pdfs of individual articles are also available upon request.

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