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In our annual UNCG Research magazine we highlight UNCG excellence at the intersections of discovery, economic development, community engagement, and graduate and undergraduate education.

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UNCG Research 2015

The diversity of our research and creative activity is one of UNCG’s greatest strengths. In these pages, you will find studies of thieving animals, memory, curiosity, and native grasses – and that’s just the work of our 2013 and 2014 Research Excellence Award winners.

As you read on, you will find that UNCG scholarship ranges from the basic and impactful research of medicinal chemistry to the innovative and educational art of the children’s dance company iDance. Our researchers investigate the role glucose plays in fighting the flu. They analyze the antimicrobial properties of nanostructures on cicada wings. They harness the synergy of complex interdisciplinary endeavors like the Atlantic World Foodways Conference.

But within this wonderful diversity, there are threads that unify. UNCG faculty, staff, and students are one in their commitment to maximizing their impact. Research impact, which has been described as “the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy” (Economic and Social Research Council), encompasses academic impact as well as economic and societal impact. Our scholars are not only creating and advancing knowledge but also enhancing quality of life, providing demonstrable contributions to organizations, and increasing the effectiveness of programs, policies, and technology.

Inclusivity underlies and informs the far-reaching impact of our scholarship. It evolves out of mentoring relationships between faculty and students, the collaborative work of our centers, institutes, and research networks, and a campus-wide culture of engagement. International partnerships, like the comprehensive study of gratitude among American and Brazilian children and adolescents, draw together researchers at all stages, including graduate students and undergraduates. Community alliances lead to strong, jointly designed and implemented initiatives, like our public efforts to reduce interpersonal violence by focusing on both offenders and victims.

The diverse stories you will find in this year’s research magazine exemplify UNCG’s commitment to academic, economic, and societal impacts. Find out how our researchers enhance educational outcomes for kindergarten through third grade students. Follow our journey to address the current void in culturally competent, comprehensive care for older adults. Learn how UNCG came to host the signature event of the 2015 National Opera Association Convention. Discover how we are building healthy lives and vibrant communities in North Carolina and beyond.

Terri L. Shelton, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

UNCG Research Fall 2013

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UNCG Research Spring 2007

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[US] Urban Studio 


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