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Our biannual magazine highlights UNCG excellence at the intersections of discovery, engagement, and graduate and undergraduate education. For hard copies, contact Ms. Debbie Freund at freundd@uncg.edu or 336.256.0426. Also access older magazine content on the UNCG Publications app.


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UNCG Research Spring 2017

X-panding the Classroom  X-Culture offers global business experience to students, plus a world of data.

Building Blocks  Data crunching and cross-city collaborations to make neighborhoods stronger.

Civics Education  Do tough political issues have a place in high school classrooms? Absolutely.

Is It Worth It?  Getting the best bang for your buck in health interventions – including for alcohol use.

And more … the link between asylums and prisons, religion in conflict resolution and military education, improving sexual health communication between fathers and sons, diagnosing and treating PTSD, soy and nanotechnology for cardiovascular health, a community arts collaborative, an interview with philosophy professor and senior Research Excellence Award winner Michael Zimmerman, undergraduate and graduate student profiles, the art of democracy, a poet on the good road, coming to terms with the modern South, and nanomaterials for green energy.

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UNCG Research Fall 2016

Breaking Down Barriers  Joining forces with Latino immigrant parents to help students succeed.

A Light in the Dark  Research and advocacy bring 1.3 million homeless students out of the shadows.

Testing Bias  Are standardized tests fair? Removing bias from the testing process.

Go Beyond  Students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities pursue opportunities to excel.

And more…  Top junior research award goes to associate professor of music Rebecca MacLeod, tech to prevent heart attacks, finding religion online, sensitive survey sampling, a naval hero honored in dance, the Folger Institute experience, bars and blues, an ancient borderland, feral fairy tales, a NASCAR farce, and a big Spartan welcome.

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UNCG Research Spring 2016

The Independent Voter  Their power is growing. And as the current presidential election demonstrates, so is their dissatisfaction. Dr. Omar Ali explains the movement.

Right from the Start  We all want the best for our children. But how do we get there? UNCG researchers lead the way.

Ground Control to Professor Link  When it comes to assessing how their entrepreneurial efforts are working, international institutions, Congress, and even NASA call on the guru: Dr. Al Link.

And more…  Top senior research award goes to religious studies professor Eugene Rogers, growing Greensboro and detecting devastating diseases early, character traits in presidential candidates and the complete T.S. Eliot, and extended families and childhood obesity.

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UNCG Research Fall 2015

Movement for Health  UNCG leads the way with virtual rehab for stroke and amputee survivors, exercise to stave off cognitive decline, and prevention for ACL injuries

Making Our Mark  Undergraduate researchers tackle immigrant health care, conduct musicals, draw lessons from disasters, and set up studios in Siena

Closing the Collegiate Gap in ADHD Research  Anastopoulos generates knowledge and creates life changing interventions

And more…  Top junior research award goes to medicinal chemist Dr. Nick Oberlies; math biology and drug discovery on the rise; Early American theater, poetry in the suburbs, and race and representation in kids’ lit; and at the corner of economics and public health.

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UNCG Research Spring 2015

Research Excellence  Dr. Stan Faeth, Dr. Jan Rychtář, Dr. Michael Kane and Dr. Paul Silvia.

A Bug’s (Second) Life  Cicadas’ wings kill microbes on contact. And the exoskeleton could be the key to making a biodegradable plastic. Scientists hope their research on this familiar insect could save lives and make life better.

Personal Chemistry  Undergraduate researchers find the right mix of challenge and support when working as part of Dr. Mitchell Croatt’s research group.

A Not-So-Silent Partner  UNCG faculty pair up with police, practitioners and one another to address domestic violence.

UNCG Research Fall 2013

Research Excellence 

The Big Muddy

By George, They Got It

Ties That Bind

Thinking Outside the Borders


UNCG Research Fall 2012

Research Excellence 

The Roots of Research

With Better Health for All

Early Results on Early College

A Career of Making Assists

Understanding Cancer


UNCG Research Fall 2011

Research Excellence

A molecular wonderland

Family business

Making connections everywhere you go

Scientific Americans


UNCG Research Spring 2010

Research Excellence 

Dirty, rotten science

Mind of the blind

In Zulu hands

Child’s play 


UNCG Research Spring 2008

Research Excellence 

The big dig

Prized possessions

The life of the mind

Working knowledge 


UNCG Research Spring 2007

Research Excellence 

Black tails, white shirt, gray matter

The economic engine that could 

Building blocks, neighborhoods, communities

[US] Urban Studio 


UNCG Research Spring 2006

Research Excellence 

Fat Pharm

The Perfect Form 

Water’s Long, Strange Trip


UNCG Research Spring 2005

Super Models

The Right Track

Poetic Justice 

Wild Life



UNCG Research Spring 2004

On Their Turf

Staying in the Game

Healing Health Disparities

A Passage to India

Here to SERVE


UNCG Research Spring 2003

The Next Wave

Petitioning the Past

The Salmon Strikes

A Question of Quality