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Saving honey bee colonies

Repost from UNCG NOW As honey bees dance from flower to flower, they’re doing much more than making honey. In …Read More

VC update: shifting roles at ORED

From the desk of the Terri L. Shelton, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development The primary responsibility for coordinating and …Read More

New Digital Partners Grant

UNCG University Libraries is now accepting applications for a new Digital Partners Grant. The annual grant offers up to $22,500 …Read More

Rebooting the system

If women make up 58% of the American workforce, why are only 26% of computing positions held by women? Dr. …Read More

Downtown Greensboro Inc. honors Bryan Toney

Downtown Greensboro Inc. honored UNCG Associate Vice Chancellor for Economic Engagement Bryan Toney last week with the Ed Kitchen Leadership …Read More

Under the influence

Just Say No. Above the Influence. D.A.R.E. You’ve probably heard of these programs, all created to teach children about the …Read More