Determine Final Budget

In determining the final budget, you are looking not only at final amounts but also at translating categories from the funder’s language into UNCG’s financial management system.

First steps

You will be invited to a meeting with your Sponsored Programs and Contracts and Grants specialists, who will take you through the necessary policy steps (see link below).

See Contracts and Grants Policy 6 – Action upon receipt of an award

Requesting funding prior to official award documentation

If you have received documentation that your project has been approved and will receive funding, and you need to begin work prior to receiving the official award documentation, you may request an Assumption of Risk (AOR). The following steps should be taken:

  • Determine your immediate budget needs. If approved, this funding will be loaned to your project by the Office of Research and Engagement. Once your official award is made, the funding made by ORE will be switched out with your official project funding. Please keep this as minimal as possible.
  • Complete the AOR form found here, including getting appropriate signatures.
  • Remember that if any approvals are needed (IRB, etc.), you must have these in place prior to any spending on your project, including AOR funding.