Whether bettering communities or commercializing the next big idea, great accomplishments are made possible when we bring community and university-based knowledge together.

referraldeskCommunity leaders, nonprofits, large and small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and scholars connect through the Office of Research and Engagement.

Jump start your endeavors and maximize your impact by taking advantage of our contacts, educational resources, and cross-campus, cross-community perspective.

Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement

  • Oversees community and economic engagement efforts on campus, research administration and compliance, and eight interdisciplinary research centers
  • Oversees the University’s relationships with local, regional, and national foundations and helps coordinate UNCG’s overall corporate and foundation fundraising strategy

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Institute for Community & Economic Engagement

  • Recognizes and enhances the essential interconnections between scholarship and community and economic partnerships
  • Serves as a central communication hub about engagement activities, relationships, resources, scholarship, best practices, and outcomes
  • Administers the CollaboratoryTM, where UNCG faculty, staff, and community partners share their projects and impact
  • Helps you grow your relationships and activities through the Referral Desk, which connects callers with the right campus and community partners and resources

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Launch UNCG

Umbrella initiative housing the NC Entrepreneurship Center, Innovation Partnership Services Office, and Greensboro I-Corps program offering:

  • Guidance on protecting your intellectual property
  • Review of external agreements and commercialization activities
  • Free one-on-one idea, nonprofit, and business consultations
  • Connections to regional companies, support organizations, funders, and other resources
  • Access to the startup ecosystem

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External Relations

  • Primary point of contact for the University’s interests in local, state and federal government processes

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Centers & Institutes

  • Strengthen and enrich programs around UNCG’s core missions of research, service, and instruction
  • Provide faculty, staff, and students with greater research opportunities, facilities, and assistance
  • Enhance their involvement in public service and educational activities
  • Have a strong positive impact on the economic development of the state by providing job opportunities, supplying technical assistance and training, fostering community development, and enhancing the transfer of new technology

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Networks & Coalitions

  • Foster interdisciplinary research and scholarly activities at UNCG
  • Composed of faculty from the UNCG community whose scholarship and teaching reflect a core theme
  • Capitalize on and leverage UNCG’s strengths by coordinating and facilitating collaborations and enhancing research, scholarship and teaching

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