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A Healthy Collaboration

More than a dozen UNCG undergraduates have made a big impact in the Greensboro Montagnard community in the last two …Read More

Concussion in female football players

excerpt, Fall 2015 UNCG Research Magazine It’s no secret that playing football puts players at risk for sustaining a concussion. …Read More

Going global: undergrad research

Repost, UNCG NOW As a junior in high school, Tyra Callaway began her college search with one non-negotiable requirement in mind: …Read More

Mathematicians walk on the wild side

redacted excerpt, Fall 2015 UNCG Research Magazine What do California field mice, delphacid planthoppers, and honeybee queens have in common? …Read More

Virtual Rehab

excerpt, Fall 2015 UNCG Research Magazine If you walk into Dr. Chris Rhea’s research lab, you might think you’ve walked …Read More

In the News: Police trained in gun violence prevention program

In the news On September 16, 2015, ABC 11 reported on the expansion of the Fayetteville Police Department’s “Educating Kids …Read More

In the News: science education to prevent drug abuse

In the news On August 25th, 2015, The Temple News covered the collaborative project of researchers from institutions including Temple …Read More

CTBR discovery could help diagnose Crohn’s

Repost from North Carolina Research Campus Many people may not link type 1 diabetes (T1D) and Crohn’s Disease (CD). Qibin …Read More

“Smart” vs. “Sciencey”

Aaliyah is a bright, confident, outspoken 4th grader who consistently displays a passion for science. Her teacher, Ms. Wolfe, values …Read More

Accessible Excellence

On May 3, 2015, the American Disabilities Association Legacy Bus pulled up to UNCG. Emblazoned with the US flag and …Read More