MHRA Conference Room FAQs

Debbie Freund (256-0426,, in 1704 MHRA).


  • ORE conference rooms are not to be used as classroom space.
  • Student or public use is only allowed with a UNCG faculty or staff member present in the room at all times.
  • ORE office hours are 8:00 a.m. thru 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Special arrangements for after-hours access may be arranged in advance.


  • Upon receipt of your reservation request, Debbie will send you a confirming email. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive this confirmation!
  • Please be mindful of your requested time. If you need time for set up and clean-up, please indicate that when you make your reservation.
  • Let us know if you must cancel reservation – please don’t just not show up! If you need to cancel or change a reservation, please send an email to Debbie (, letting them know.
  • You are encouraged to bring your presentation over ahead of time to test it for compatibility on our systems or with your laptop. Contact Debbie to determine when the room is not being used to test your presentation.


  • All meeting spaces are locked when not in use to protect the facilities and to keep other groups from using the space that you have reserved.
  • To obtain keys for the reserved meeting space, see Debbie Freund (256-0426,, in 1704 MHRA).
  • The reserving group is responsible for ensuring the room is locked and the keys are returned immediately after use.
  • In the event of lost keys, the reserving group will be responsible for any replacement/rekey costs.


  • Catering can be arranged through Dining Services (334-5195) or online at:  Arrangements for catering set-up, clean-up and after hours access are the responsibility of the reserving group. You must, at the time you place your food order, make arrangements with them to clean up immediately after your meeting, so that the room will be ready for the next group.
  • Keep in mind the catering office does not come back and clean up after boxed lunch meals unless special arrangements have been made, so it is the responsibility of the reserving group to clean up.
  • Outside vendors can also be used, but someone from the reserving group must be available to meet the delivery person to sign for/pay for the order when they arrive.
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Any use of Alcoholic Beverages must be approved through the Office of University Counsel. Rules and application form:
  • COFFEE POT:  A Keurig coffee maker is available, if requested ahead of time. Coffee supplies (including coffee k-cups, cups, sugar and creamer) are not provided.


  • Only chairs may be moved but should not be taken from the room.  Do not move the tables unless you are in room 2711.
    • All surfaces must be cleared and wiped down prior to leaving the room.
    • DO NOT leave leftover food in the refrigerator or freezer.
    • A fee may be assessed to the reserving group if clean-up is handled by housekeeping.
  • Any food or drink trash must be removed by the reserving group. All weekend groups MUST remove any food or drink trash to the outside dumpster.


  • Most of the conference rooms have a teaching station and projector/screen (see detailed list of rooms). UNCG faculty/staff may use their UNCG credentials to log in. A generic guest account for non-UNCG users to use with the teaching stations is available (see info sheet on the teaching station).
  • Please make sure to turn off the computer and projector, lock the teaching station and raise the screen when your meeting is over, if you use the teaching stations.
  • A wireless slide advancer/laser pointer can be checked out to use with the computers in the conference room is requested in advance. Pick it up and return it when you pick up the room key at the front desk in 1601 MHRA.
  • Equipment may not be left in the rooms before or after your event. If you group leaves and comes back, make sure to lock the door. We are not responsible for equipment or other items left in our conference rooms.


Teleconferences or conference calls use only a telephone and the information is all audio. All of our rooms (except 1302) can be set up for a teleconference, assuming the telephone equipment and phone line are available and reserved in advance.

Webinars or webcasts are virtual meetings held over the Internet. These meetings allow participants to simultaneously participate by logging into a website and virtually looking at documents or watching content. Users may interact with one another through text chat, email or over the telephone in web conferences. Make sure to reserve the Telephone Conference Equipment if you will be connecting via the computer AND telephone!

Video conferencing allows participants to view a live stream of video of each other. All of the conference rooms (except room 1302) now have cameras so you may use programs such as WEBEX, Skpye or Google Hangouts. Again, note this when placing your room reservation.

If you have questions about videoconferencing or webinars, contact


  • Telephone Conference call equipment is available, if arranged in advance, for all rooms except the kitchen and 1302 MHRA social lounge. This requires a separate reservation – reserving a room does not guarantee you will have access to a conference phone unless it has been reserved!
  • The telephone is capable of connecting to one or two other numbers. If there will be multiple numbers on the call, contact 6-Tech in advance to request a “meet me” number you can give out to participants to dial-in.
  • Long distance charges for conference calls, if applicable, will be charged to the reserving group.