As in any organization, the hiring process at UNCG can be complex. Because of this complexity, we recommend that you work closely with the staff in your department or unit who are engaged routinely with the hiring process. The information included here is not meant to be a comprehensive presentation of all information related to hiring, but instead an overview of the key components, decisions, and stumbling blocks that typically impact externally funded projects.

There are 9 basic steps in the hiring process.

  1. Determine the nature and responsibilities of the position
  2. Given the nature and responsibilities, determine the type of position (e.g., EPA, SPA, temporary, full-time, part-time)
  3. Establish the funding needed for the position
  4. Complete the appropriate paperwork to establish the position
  5. Conduct a search
  6. Select a candidate and notify Human Resources
  7. Make the offer
  8. Provide guidance to the candidate on completing the necessary paperwork
  9. Guide the candidate through the process of learning about UNCG employee benefits, policies, and procedures

The following resources can help you navigate this process:

Once the percent effort that an employee will devote to your project is determined, an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) is completed through the Banner HR system. These forms are completed by designated administrative personnel (either departmental staff or unit-based research administration staff; please consult your Associate Dean, for Research for more guidance).

You will need to provide:

  • percent of salary to be charged to your grant account;
  • your grant account number;
  • the timeline for payment; and
  • a brief description of the reason the employee is being paid for your project.

Once the information is entered into the electronic system, you will receive an email asking you to log into Banner HR and review and approve the EPAF.

There are some circumstances in which specific project tasks may be best accomplished by contracting with individuals outside the university. However, it’s important to think through whether the nature and demands of the task are best served by bringing an individual on as a UNCG employee. The UNCG Independent Contractor Checklist can help you make this decision.

Please be aware that the hiring process can take a significant amount of time, depending on the nature of your position. Consult with your departmental or unit hiring administrator to be sure you know what the timeline will likely be for your search. Once you have determined that it is appropriate to hire an external contractor, go to Contract Services Procedures to learn more and go here to find Contracts for Personal and Professional Services.

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