Route your proposal

What is RAMSeS?

RAMSeS is the electronic submission system for externally funded proposals.

RAMSeS serves several functions, including:

  • providing a platform for recording internal approvals for proposals,
  • storing all records and information related to external proposals and awards,
  • allowing the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Contracts and Grants to communicate with each other,
  • retrieving information for reporting purposes, and
  • meeting project PI needs to keep track of important information related to current and past proposals and awards.

What do I use RAMSeS for?

All grant proposals or sponsored research agreements should be routed for approval through RAMSeS. (Gifts to the University are processed through Advancement Services.) If you are unsure whether you need to route a proposal or award through RAMSeS, please contact your Proposal Specialist.

When should I begin the RAMSeS process?

Begin early! Be aware that it takes time for proposals to work through the approval process. In addition, your assigned specialist in the Office of Sponsored Programs will need to review your proposal before it is submitted, and they do not begin their final review until all approvals are in place. It is recommended that proposals be ready for review by OSP and Contracts and Grants at least a week before they are due.