2021 Undergraduate Expo Winners

The Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo took place online again this year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Participants uploaded video presentations to the URSCO Virtual Expo site for perusal by visitors and judges, as part of a week-long event.

First, second, and third place winners and honorable mentions were selected in six categories:

Congratulations to the winning undergraduate scholars listed below!

Business, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1st Place

Laci Gray (Psychology, Senior)

Mentors: Rosemary Nelson-Gray and Petery Delaney(Psychology)

Memory and Emotions

2nd Place

Krista Westervelt (Peace and Conflict Studies, Junior); Mentor: Rebecca Adams (Gerontology/Social Work)
Effect of Racial Disparities in Transportation Access on Older Adults in Chatham County

3rd Place

Joy Woods (International Business and Political Science, Senior); Mentor: Gregory McAvoy (Political Science)
Japan in the Age of Immigration

Honorable Mention

Myranda Cook (Psychology, Senior); Mentors: Blair Wisco (Psychology) and Cameron Pugach (Graduate Student)
Coping Style as a Mediator between Social Support and PTSD Severity

Tatyana Farrow (Psychology, Senior); Mentor: Shaylene Nancekivell (Psychology)
Blue Collar versus White Collar: How do Children View Intellectual and Physical Labor

Mia Hoskins (Anthropology, Senior); Mentor: Susan Andreatta (Anthropology)
COVID-19 and the Local Food System in the Piedmont


1st Place

Joshua Malloy (Anthropology and Religious Studies, Senior)

Mentors: Donna Nash and Charles Egeland (Anthropology)

The Ritual Use of Animals in the Wari Empire

2nd Place

Alyssa Cavalieri (English, Senior) and Lady Carlin-Rojas (English, Junior); Mentors: Heather Adams (English) and Tracy Nichols (Public Health Education)
Interactive Activism: Game Design as Advocacy Writing

3rd Place

Emily Moser (Classical Studies, Art History, and Painting, Senior); Mentor: Michiel Van Veldhuizen (Classical Studies)
An Enduring Image of the Pythia: Embedded in Art History

Honorable Mention

Fabiola Minerali (Interior Architecture, Senior); Mentor: Asha Kutty (Interior Architecture)
A Brewery Design Restoration in a Former Tobacco Warehouse

Eleni Econopouly (International & Global Studies, Senior); Mentors: Kathleen Macfie and Will Zang (International & Global Studies)
Perceptions and Misconceptions of German Nationalism in the 21st Century

Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences

1st Place

Shena Hutcherson (Biochemistry, Senior)

Mentor: Derek Monroe (Kinesiology)

Fitness, Cognition, and Brain Functional Connectivity in Identical Twins from the Human Connectome Project

3rd Place

Robert Shepherd (Chemistry, Junior); Mentor: Nicholas Oberlies (Chemistry)
Mycology vs. Malaria: The Use of Fungal Natural Products to Battle Malaria-Causing Plasmodium falciparum

Honorable Mentions

Jade Lyons (Biology, Senior); Mentor: Ayalew Osena (Biology)
Overexpression of Arabidopsis thaliana PSY gene in cassava for enhanced carotenoid biosynthesis

Jennifer Obike (Biochemistry, Junior); Mentor: Nicholas Oberlies (Chemistry)
Media and Strain Study for Enhanced Production of Cis-enone Resorcylic Acid Lactone

Performing Arts

1st Place

Gabriel Figuracion (Music Education, Junior), Triston Broadway (Music, Senior), Maguette Seye (Biology, Junior), and Damien Miles (Music Education, Sophomore)

Mentor: Rebecca MacLeod (Music Education)

Creating a Diverse Online Music Learning Community for Young Musicians

2nd Place

Kesia Cedeno-Ballard (Dance, Junior) and Azaria Gadson (Dance, Junior); Mentor: Duane Cyrus (Dance)
The Resistance Project

3rd Place

Abigail Marshall (Dance, Sophomore); Mentor: Clarice Young (Dance)
My Brother’s Keeper

Visual Arts Exhibition

1st Place

Sarah Chen (Photography)

Mentor: Leah Sobsey (Photography)

Seeing through isolation

2nd Place

Lee St. Clair (New Media and Design); Mentor: Kelley O’Brien (New Media and Design)
The Art of an Art Auction

3rd Place

Mia Jones (New Media and Design); Mentor: Kelley O’Brien (New Media and Design)
OTG (On the Grid)

Honorable Mentions

Christian Ellison (Printmaking and Drawing); Mentor: Christopher Thomas (Printmaking and Drawing)
Handmade love of culture

Canyi Ma (Studio Art); Mentor: Kelley O’Brien (New Media and Design)

Abigail Dyer (Painting); Mentor: Barbara Thomas (Painting)

Emerging Scholars (UNCG Residential College Students)

1st Place

Beth Hall (Media Studies, Sophomore)

Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Ashby College)

An Argument for More and Better Female Representation in Comics

3rd Place

Caroline Beers (Biology, Sophomore); Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Strong College)
Origin of Dragons & How They Came to Be

Honorable Mentions

Ashton Reid (Family & Community Health, Sophomore); Mentor: John Sopper (Grogan College)
What Are the Benefits of Music Therapy on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Andrea Tyson (Pre-Nursing, Sophomore); Mentor: John Sopper (Grogan College)
How Does Implicit Racial Bias Affect Healthcare for African-Americans?