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Calkins “Psychobiology of Cognitive Development” project funded at $250,264

Posted on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 by UNCG Research.

Research Funding 

Dr. Susan Calkins, Bank of America Excellence Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Psychology

UNCG Research congratulates Dr. Susan Calkins on her renewed award from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her project, entitled “Psychobiology of Cognitive Development,” received $250,264 in funding.

Project Abstract

This is a revision application for a funded R01 grant on which Dr. Susan Calkins is a co-PI and for which UNCG has a subcontract from Virginia Tech. The current R01 is funded 2007-2012; a no-cost extension has been obtained. The funded R01 focused on the integration of cognitive and emotion processes in early development. Three cohorts of children were recruited and seen at 5, 10, 24, 36, and currently 48 months of age, and behavioral and electrophysiological measures of cognition and emotion were assessed. The renewal application will continue the longitudinal study by seeing the children at ages 6 and 9 years, with a focus on developmental trajectories of academic achievement. In addition, the mothers of the children will be invited to participate in a lab visit between the two child visits. Mothers will participate in the same cognitive and emotion tasks as their school-age children. This will allow us to examine maternal contributions to child cognitive, emotion, and academic outcomes.