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Changes to mileage reimbursement policy

Update effective 12/1/16

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2017 by UNCG Research.

There have been changes, effective 12/1/2016, to the mileage reimbursement policy. These were put in place by the state of NC.

Beginning with all travel starting 12/1/16, the first 100 miles traveled per DAY will be reimbursed at .54 per mile. Any travel during the same day in excess of 100 miles will be reimbursed at .19 per mile.

The clock resets every night at midnight. So if you travel on an overnight trip and it is a total round trip of 250 miles (125 down and 125 back), you would consider the first 100 miles at .54 and the remaining 25 at .19 each day. Contact Barbara Hemphill at bbhemphi@uncg.edu for a spreadsheet that can assist with these computations.

You may find the updated travel policies at https://sys.uncg.edu/policies-and-procedures/ and the updated TRV at https://acb.uncg.edu/accounting-forms/