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Annual reporting deadline and new position

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2016 by UNCG Research.

Conflict of interest annual reporting deadline

The deadline for completing Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosures is September 30, 2016.

Annual Disclosures are collected via the Activities, Relationships, and Interests (AIR) online module. Detailed instructions for completing disclosures via AIR can be found here.

EHRA employees must submit an Annual Disclosure each year.

Export Control and Conflict of Interest Officer – new position

The Export Control and Conflict of Interest (COI) Officer reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development at UNCG and is responsible for the development, oversight, and administration of the University’s Export Control and COI programs.

Dr. Lisa A. Goble ‘03 is a summa cum laude graduate from the UNCG Bryan School and a PhD in Public Policy from UNC Chapel Hill, where she focused her research on federal policy that has an impact upon the academic environment. She has been employed at UNCG since 2003 and was instrumental in the early formation of the Office of Innovation Commercialization.

In this new position, Dr. Goble leverages her experience with entrepreneurial faculty and provides guidance on decisions that have conflict of interest or import/export impact and serves as a point-of-contact for UNCG on related issues.

Contact information:

Lisa A. Goble, PhD, Export Control & COI Official
Office of Research and Economic Development, UNC Greensboro