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“Disability” and “The Institutional as Usual” – WGS events

Sept 28 and Oct 18

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 by Savannah Hutko.

Repost from Campus Weekly

Women’s & Gender Studies recently announced two upcoming events in September and October:

Thursday, Sept. 28, two scholars will address feminist understandings and engagements with the question of disability, including what counts as disability and for whom, in a panel discussion. “Contemporary Feminisms: Disability” is the first in a series WGS is presenting this year focused on contemporary feminisms.

Wednesday, Oct. 18, independent scholar and feminist writer Sara Ahmed will give the inaugural presentation of the Dylan Rose Kadis and Eloise Hall Kadis Women’s Lecture Series, which is endowed by UNCG alumna Claudia Kadis.

“The Institutional as Usual: Sexism, Racism and the Politics of Complaint” lecture will be held in the EUC’s Maple Room from 4 to 5 p.m. with a reception following. The lecture explores how institutions are built from small acts of use. Once we are attuned to an environment, we know what usually happens. Ahmed explores how sexism and racism become usual, with specific reference to uses of banter, ways of using words that point to how spaces become occupied. What happens with you challenge the use of banter as an abuse of power? What follows such challenges teaches us about power; the more you try to transform institutions the more you come up against them.

Ahmed has held academic posts at Lancaster University and Goldsmiths, University of London. Her books include, “Living a Feminist Life,” “Willful Subjects,” “On Being Included,” “The Promise of Happiness,” “Queer Phenomenology,” “The Cultural Politics of Emotion,” “Strange Encounters” and “Differences that Matter.”