Faculty First award winners 2015

With the generous support of UNCG donors, the Office of the Provost has launched the Faculty First Awards. Below you will find our list of award winners for 2015.

Adamson, Amy – Biology – Just say no to acid: Targeting a cellular proton pump to reduce Influenza virus infection

Allard, Janet – Theatre – Frank: A New Play

Anastopoulos, Arthur – Human Dev. & Family Studies – Improving the Educational and Psychosocial Functiong of College Students with ADHD

Andersen, Martin – Economics – Estimating the Welfare Effect of a Public Insurance Program

Bell, Gregory – Mathematics & Statistics – A Coarse Geometric Approach to Detecting Tree-like Structure in Networks

Boseovski, Janet – Psychology – Children’s Selective Social Learning in a Science Center Setting

Campbell, Thomas Barbara – Art – World Without End: A New Representation

Daynes, Sarah – Sociology – Ethnographic Methods: Theory and Practice

Dean, John Tomkiel – Biology – Whole genome sequencing to identify genes that control entry into meiosis in Drosophila

Etnier, Jennifer and Beverly, Lee – Nutrition; Kinesiology – Understanding the role of interleukin-6 and leukemia inhibiting factor as mediators of the effects of chroic exercise on hippocampal-dependent memory

Faircloth, Beverly – Teacher Education/Higher Ed. – A Place to belong: leveraging the Assets of Refugee Youth as Building Blocks of Learning

Grieve, Gregory – Religious Studies – Awake Online: Contemplating Zen, Digital, Religion, and The Virtual World of Second Life

Haines, Steve – Music Performance – Composing and Arranging For Chamber Strings and Small Jazz Ensemble

Helms, Heather and Supple, Andrew – Human Dev. & Family Studies – Marriage and Co-parenting amount Mexican Immigrant Parents: An Advanced Dyadic Analytic Approach, Collaboration, & Graduate Mentoring

Huebner, Daniel – Sociology – Creating Normal Schools: Institutional Factors in the Development of Teacher education in the American South, 1865-1930

Ingram, Brett – Media Studies – A History of Rocaterrania: The Creative Life of Renaldo Kuhler (Book)

Jones, Jeff – History – Smoke, Mirrors, and Memories: Varying Perspectives of the Soviet-Afghan War, 1979-2014

Jovanovic, Spoma – Communication Studies – Evaluating Participatory Budgeting in Greensboro

Katula, Karen – Biology – Functional Analysis of the WNT5A Isoforms A and B

Keathley, Elizabeth – Music Studies – Alma Mahler & Arnold Schoenberg: Documents of a Modern Musical Friendship

Knapp, Paul – Geography – “Hurricane Droughts”: A multi-century reconstruction of tropical cyclone rainfall variability derived from longleaf pine in North Carolina

Kriger, Colleen – History – Life, Death, and Early Modern Trade on the Guinea Coast

Krueger, Derek – Religious Studies – Hymnography and the Emotions in Byzantine Liturgy: Liturgical Joy and Marian Devotion

Legreco, Marianne – Communication Studies – Promoting Food Systems Literacy: A Case Study of a Community-Based Mobile Food Program

Lewis, Thomas – Mathematics & Statistics – Approximation Methods for Fully Nonlinear Second Order Partial Differential Equations

Murray, Christine – Counseling & Educ. Develop. – Experiences and Perspectives related to Teen Dating Violence among Survivors and Parents of Survivors

Pathman, Thanujeni – Psychology – A neuroimaging investigation of the development of temporal memory

Perrill, Elizabeth – Art – Burnished by History” Blackware Pottery and Global Markets

Rogers, Eugene – Religious Studies – The Cost of Signaling in Blood

Rubinoff, Kallan – Music Studies – “Music is Not a Solitary Act”: The Collaborations of Berio, Andriessen, Bruggen and Berberian

Rupert, Linda – History – Inter-colonial Marronage, Spanish Policy, and Imperial Rivalries in the Eighteenth-century Circum-Caribbean

Sills, Stephen – Sociology – Healthy Communities: A GIS Analysis of Housing, Health, and Race in the Piedmont

Swick, Danielle – Social Work – Examining Adolescent Risk Factors from a Schoo-based Health Center Collaborative to Inform Prevention and Intervention Efforts

Tsui, Tsz-Ki – Biology – Isolating methyl mercury from environmental samples for stable isotope analyses: Identification of hotspots of mercury methllation in nature

Vreshek-Schallhorn, Suzanne – Psychology – High or Low” Resolving Divergent Results for Depression Risk Predicting Cortisol Stress Responses

Wasserberg, Gideon – Biology – Field-test of the attraction of Lutzomyia verrucarum, the vector of Carrion’s disease and Adean Cutaneous Loishmaniasis, to male-sex pheromones in Ancash, Peru

Willis, Andrew – Music Performance – Recording The Six Partitas of Johann Sebastian Bach on a Florentine Portepiano

Wisco, Blair – Psychology – Cardiovasular Reactivity to Trauma Cues in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder