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Faculty First Awards 2018

Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2018 by UNCG Research.

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Faculty First awardees. The awards, which typically fund summer scholarship, are offered to tenure-track and tenured faculty.

Applegarth, Risa – English – Children Speaking: Rhetorical Agency in Children’s Activism

Barr, Matthew – Media Studies – Re-Edit of Documentary, Union Time: Fighting for Workers’ Rights, for Education & Training Contexts

Bray, Jeremy & Gruber, Ken & Sills, Stephen  – Center for Housing and Community Studies, Economics, and Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships – UNCG Eviction Diversion Research Project (EDRP): A Demonstration Project for Guilford County MetroLab Partnership

Dawkins, April – Library & Information Studies – Bridging the Gap: Community College Library Service to Early College Students

Dischell, Stuart – English – Walking the Walls of the Farmers General

Dyson, Yarneccia – Social Work – An Examination of Psychosocial and Environmental Factors As Predictors of Risk for HIV in African American College Students enrolled at HBCU’s and MSI’s

Erickson, Keith – Nutrition – Sex and genetic factors involved in the alterations of brain iron biology due to obesity

Fairbanks, Colleen & Zoch, Melody – TEHE – Immigrant and Refugee Youth and Adults’ Literacy Learning through Digital Storytelling

Ford, Yvonne – Nursing – Adult Health – Assessing cardiovascular health of African-American breast cancer survivors: a feasibility study

Gabbay, Alyssa – Religious Studies – Gender and Succession in Medieval Islam: Bilateral Descent and the Legacy of Fatima

Gicheva, Dora – Economics – Impacts of Expanding Access to Health Insurance for College Students

Grannemann, Hannah – Arts Administration – Audience Engagement and Organizational Sustainability: Research Agenda Exploration

Grieve, Gregory – Religious Studies – Evil and Video Games

Kuperberg, Arielle – Sociology – Student Loans, Strong and Weak Ties, and the Transition out of College

La Paro, Karen – HDFS – Early Childhood education Teacher Preparation: Moving Forward: Focus on Outcomes

Lawrimore, Erin – University Libraries – Well Crafted NC: Documenting Women in North Carolina’s Craft Beer Industry

Lopez, Fabian & Zandmane, Inara – Music – CD Recording and promotional videos, Title CD: A Few Pieces We Like

Park, Jennifer – English – Pretergenerations: The Science and Drama of Immortality

Petersen, Kimberly – Chemistry & Biochemistry – Development of Novel Reactions with Nitrile Electrophiles

Skotnicki, Tad – Sociology – Anonymous Goods and the Rise of Consumer Activism

Smyth, Clifford – Mathematics & Statistics – Addressing the Extreme Fragility of Machine Learning Algorithms that Can Perform Medical Image Recognition at Superhuman Levels

Sultana, Selima – Geography – Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) and African American Underrepresentation

Suthaharan, Shanmugathasan – Computer Science – Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Methods for the Classification of Mixed Fruits and Vegetables

Wharton, David – Classical Studies – A Cultural History of Color in Antiquity