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In the news: Food and poverty discussion at UNCG

Ashby Dialogue brings community interest groups together

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 by UNCG Research.

Wikimedia Commons, User: Daderot

In the news

On April 1, 2015, Yes! Weekly covered Food Storm, an Ashby Dialogue at UNCG. The event convened social workers, activists, government and non-profit leaders, and students to present a series of one-minute social appeals to address food insecurity, sustainability, and poverty.

“There were nine panel discussions taking place. Due to the amount of attention given to both poverty and food deserts in the media and government policy discussions in recent months, the session titled “Food and Poverty” attracted many participants.

Iza Reyes, and graduate student in UNCG’s Public Health program, facilitated the discussion.

“It seems that food and poverty are issues that go together because, when you are struggling to pay rent, ramen suddenly becomes your best friend,” Reyes said to open the discussion. “But what are some things that aren’t as obvious about food and poverty?” Don Milholin, executive director of the Out of the Garden Project, was adamant about the connection between poverty, lack of food and lack of achievement in school.”

Learn more at http://yesweekly.com/article-19631-food-storm-tackles-nutrition-and-poverty-at-uncg.html