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Institute for Aegean Prehistory funding to Soles

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 by UNCG Research.

Jeffrey S. Soles, Professor, Classical Studies

Research Funding 

UNCG Research congratulates Dr. Jeffrey Soles on his new funding from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory. His project, entitled “Mochlos 2013: Publication and Site Preservation,” received $58,000 in funding.

Project Abstract

This research will result in the publication of approximately 15 houses in a Minoan town, dating ca. 1700-1430 BC, as well as a description of the town plan, the economic activities of its inhabitants, and the role they played in Minoan society. It will also carry out an extensive program of site conservation which is required by Greek law as a result of the recent excavations that we have carried out at the site. The conservation program will erect a number of signs to provide visitors to the site information about what they are seeing.