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JSNN Innovation Seminar: lessons from the inventor of Super Glue

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 by UNCG Research.

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Dr. Vincent Edgar Paul will share the philosophies of the inventor of Super Glue at a Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology seminar this Friday, April 12. The 11 a.m. seminar is free and open to the public.

Dr. Harry Coover, receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation at the White House, Nov. 17, 2010.

Dr. Harry Coover, the inventor of super glue, a polymer chemist, and the holder of 460 patents, was a twentieth century leader in industrial chemical science, research management, and program innovation. He was also Dr. Paul’s father-in-law,  and the two shared a close relationship. Dr. Paul hopes to impart Dr. Coover’s general philosophies to a new generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

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