Most outstanding contribution to betterment of financial planning – award to Bryan School’s Harden

The Bryan School’s Dr. J. William “Bill” Harden has received the 2022 Montgomery-Warschauer Award for a paper he co-authored. The recognition goes to Journal of Financial Planning papers that provide the most outstanding contributions to the betterment of the profession. 

Harden was second author on the paper and is a co-awardee with lead author Dr. Greg Geisler and co-author Dr. David S. Hulse.

“This paper is an excellent example of how academic research flows into practical advice for planners. It further demonstrates how multiple disciplines have a tangible impact on clients by increasing the knowledge and expanding the tools available to financial planners,” said Dr. Inga Timmerman, academic editor of the Journal of Financial Planning.

A Comparison of the Tax Efficiency of Decumulation Strategies” examines several decumulation strategies for a client approaching retirement with a mix of tax-favored retirement accounts and taxable accounts; each holding appreciated stocks and taxable bonds. The analysis applies these strategies to three “nest egg” scenarios to determine their resulting portfolio lives while examining tax consequences throughout those lives. The results provide insights that financial planners can use to tailor tax-efficient decumulation recommendations that better fit a client’s particular situation, increasing how long their wealth lasts during retirement.

“After decades of saving, the decisions clients make about their sequence of withdrawals can seriously impact the longevity of those savings. The paper from Drs. Geisler, Harden, and Hulse provides financial planners with an important tool to help them guide clients through these decisions,” says Danielle Andrus, editor of the Journal of Financial Planning.

Harden is an associate professor who has authored over 50 articles in tax and financial planning journals, including the Journal of Financial Service Professionals, Strategic Finance, National Tax Journal, Tax Notes, and Tax Advisor. With over 30 years of experience in taxation, Bill has been involved in CPE instruction for over a decade and was awarded the 2016 NCACPA R. Donald Farmer Award. 

The award will be presented to Geisler, Harden, and Hulse, at the FPA Annual Conference 2022 in Seattle, Wash., Dec. 12-14.

Adapted from a Financial Planning Association press release