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NC DHHS DSS funding to Murphy for nutrition education for new North Carolinians – research news

Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2012 by UNCG Research.

Research News

Arthur D. Murphy, Department Head, Anthropology

UNCG Research congratulates Dr. Arthur Murphy on receiving renewed funding for his “Nutrition Education for New North Carolinians” project.  The Department of Health and Human Services Division of Social Services has awarded Dr. Murphy $2,594 for continuation of the “Recipe for Success in North Carolina” project.

A study released several years ago by the National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that the average immigrant was actually healthier than the average American upon arrival to our shores. However, within two to three years, immigrant health declined to the same level as American health. Researchers concluded that adoption of the standard American diet of fast foods high in fat and low in fruits, vegetables, and fiber played a major role in this decline. The study resulted in recommendations for more culturally appropriate nutrition education for immigrants and refugees.

Dr. Murphy’s project seeks to address this need in our region by adapting existing nutrition education materials for our immigrant and refugee groups and by delivering educational programming on food quality, budgeting, and food safety to food stamp recipients and immigrant and refugee groups in Guilford County eligible for food stamps. Core program elements include dietary quality, shopping behavior, and food safety.  The project works to convey the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables, limiting portion sizes, physical activity, stretching food dollars so individuals won’t run out of food stamps, and the the four c’s – cook, cool, avoid cross contamination, and clean.