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Seaman conference paper on undergraduate math education receives award – Research News

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 by UNCG Research.


Carol Seaman, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Research News

UNCG Research congratulates Dr. Carol Seaman on receiving an award for her recent conference paper, “Sociomathematical norms and mathematical sophistication: a qualitative case study of an inquiry-based mathematics course for preservice elementary teachers.”

Dr. Seaman submitted the paper to the 2012 Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. The paper was one of two to receive honorable mention awards. The winning papers made significant contributions to the field in terms of raising new questions, extending or refining theoretical models, or providing insights into existing research problems. The papers were selected through both internal and external review processes.

Dr. Seaman’s paper documented the evolving meanings that preservice elementary teachers ascribe to the sociomathematical norms of a mathematics class designed to foster mathematical sophistication. Specifically, her study explored the developing meanings students gave to: a) their instructor’s request for general solutions to problems; b) classroom norms concerning problem solving behaviors; and c) their instructor’s expectation for mathematical justification. Finally, the paper documented changes in student mathematical sophistication during the course of a semester and illuminated the reflexive relationship between students’ mathematical sophistication and their interpretations of these classroom sociomathematical norms.