Who deserves authorship on scholarly publications? A research survey

Calling all faculty and graduate student researchers at UNCG:

  • How smoothly have things gone for you when negotiating authorship on your scholarly projects?
  • How often does credit go to those who deserve it?
  • How often and easily do you agree with your collaborators on authorship order?

You are invited to participate in an approximately 10-minute online survey led by a cross-university team of researchers including UNCG’s Dr. Jason Pierce in the Department of Management and collaborators at UNC Charlotte and NC State. As a bonus, graduate students who complete the study are eligible to receive one or more Amazon.com gift cards.

“Our team is documenting how scholars perceive and experience issues related to authorship,” says Pierce. “Though anecdotal evidence of authorship conflicts abounds, we have little to no empirical evidence to inform us how common it is or how it might be better managed.”

Your responses will be strictly confidential. All results will be summarized in the aggregate and no individual or identifiable responses will be reported. There are no specific eligibility criteria to participate in this study other than being a faculty member or graduate student at UNC Greensboro.

Upon completing the survey, graduate student participants may provide their email addresses for the chance to receive an Amazon gift card. The first 100 graduate student participants who provide their email addresses will receive a $5 gift card, and all who provide email addresses will be entered into a random drawing to win one of two $50 gift cards.

Please click the link below if you are interested in taking the survey (IRB-FY21-107):


For more information about the research study recruitment process through UNCG Research, click here.