High Performance Computing Resources

UNC CH High Performance Computing Resources for UNCG Affiliates


The HPC resource collaboration between UNCG and UNC CH was established through an inter-institutional planning grant (IPG) awarded by the UNC System Office for 2017-2018. The grant, Better Together: Building Networks of Expertise for Research Cyberinfrastructure Collaboration, was led by a PI from UNCW, and involved collaborators from Winston-Salem State, UNC CH, and UNCG. From this project, UNCG obtained access to research computing clusters managed by and hosted at UNC CH. This document explains how to obtain an account on the clusters and provides links to information regarding how to access and use them.

Longleaf is the cluster used by most UNCG researchers, though Dogwood is available for those running MPI jobs. For an overview of the services available, read UNC CH’s Research Computing Resources and Services:

Obtaining a UNC CH Account

1. Download and complete the UNC CH Application for Registration as UNC Affiliate form –

Then, email it to the “sponsor” whose email address is on the form.

When your PID (Personal Identification Number) is ready, you will receive an email with information required and instructions regarding how to complete the following required steps:Note: Because email is not a secure means of transmission, do not include your SSN and birthdate on the affiliate form. Instead, call the contact # on the form to provide the information.

  1. Obtain your UNC CH username (“ONYEN” – “Only Name You’ll Ever Need”)
  2. Subscribe to services – UNCG researchers will typically subscribe to the Longleaf cluster service

Configure VPN and 2-Step Verification for Cluster Access

A VPN connection and Duo 2-step authentication are required to access the cluster resources.

  1. Login to this page with your ONYEN + password to download the “Cisco AnyConnect” VPN client:
  2. When you have the client installed, you will connect to unc.edu with the Group set to UNCCampus as shown here:
  3. Duo is required for 2-step authentication (i.e., the “Second Password”). Duo is the same product UNCG uses for 2-factor authentication. To learn how to configuration Duo for UNC CH access, see the Informational Video and Quick Reference card under User Registration at https://help.unc.edu/help/duo/
  4. Installing the Duo mobile app on a smartphone or tablet and using the “push” method is recommended.

Accessing UNC CH Cluster Resources

After establishing a VPN connection, you can access the cluster resources via an SSH client such as PuTTY or an X-Windows client such as X-Win32. These applications are support by UNCG ITS and available from the Application Catalog on UNCG’s Windows computer desktops.

PuTTY information:
X-Win32 information (UNCG login required):


Other software, such as the free MobaXterm, will also work, but may require a “clickwrap”/contract review if not marked as approved on UNCG’s General Counsel “clickwrap” site at https://generalcounsel.uncg.edu/list-of-approved-click-wraps-and-procedure-for-entering-into-non-approved-click-wrap-agreements/.

When you have successfully accessed the clusters, the following resources will help you use them: