Funding Friday

Posted on April 14, 2023

Photo by Jiyoung Park: Sally Koerner and her students in the Northridge Greenhouse

It’s new funding Friday! Check out some of the grants that recently came through UNCG Sponsored Programs.

$1,513,185. Kasie Raymann, Biology. Deciphering the processes of adaptation and exaptation driving the evolution of opportunism in bacteria. Sponsor: NIH – GMS.

$1,335,205. Kimberly Petersen, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Preston Phillips; Sherine Obare; Daniel Herr. UNC-Greensboro U-RISE: Engage, Sustain, and Prepare Future PhD Biomedical Scientists. Sponsor: NIH.

$1,067,880. Lisa Phillips, SERVE; Beth Branagan; Rebecca McSawin; Daniel Jordan. American Rescue Plan for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (Y2). Sponsor: NCDPI.

$405,000. Sat Gupta, Mathematics & Statistics; Xiaoli Gao. REU Site: University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Complex Data Analysis using Statistical and Machine Learning Tools. Sponsor: NSF.

$157,111. Christina O’Connor, Deans Office – ED; Mark Meacham; Nathaniel Bourne; Evan Hill; Jacqueline Caldwell; Tiffani Ramos; Ria Crystal Johnson; Elisha Cliette. North Carolina New Teacher Support Program 1. Sponsor: East Carolina Univ from North Carolina Office of the Governor.

$94,308. John Weil, NC Network for Safe Communities. FY 2022 GPD Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative. Sponsor: City of Greensboro/DOJ.

$50,000. Evan Goldstein, Office of Research & Engagement. I-Corps: Instant Sediment Grain Size Measurements. Sponsor: NSF.

$27,500. Sarah Koerner, Biology. Legume-rhizobia symbiosis as a tool to enhance restoration success and long-term sustainability of longleaf pine savanna forestry. Sponsor: North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

$20,000. Dennis Lajeunesse, Nanoscience. Nanomaterial Sensitizers for Antifungal Therapies. Sponsor: North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Photo by Jiyoung Park: Dr. Sally Koerner and her students in the Northridge Greenhouse

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