Funding Friday

Posted on April 14, 2023

Sally Koerner and her students in the Northridge Greenhouse

It’s new funding Friday! Check out some of the grants that recently came through UNCG Sponsored Programs.

$1,513,185. Kasie Raymann, Biology. Deciphering the processes of adaptation and exaptation driving the evolution of opportunism in bacteria. Sponsor: NIH – GMS.

$1,335,205. Kimberly Petersen, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Preston Phillips; Sherine Obare; Daniel Herr. UNC-Greensboro U-RISE: Engage, Sustain, and Prepare Future PhD Biomedical Scientists. Sponsor: NIH.

$1,067,880. Lisa Phillips, SERVE; Beth Branagan; Rebecca McSawin; Daniel Jordan. American Rescue Plan for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (Y2). Sponsor: NCDPI.

$405,000. Sat Gupta, Mathematics & Statistics; Xiaoli Gao. REU Site: University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Complex Data Analysis using Statistical and Machine Learning Tools. Sponsor: NSF.

$157,111. Christina O’Connor, Deans Office – ED; Mark Meacham; Nathaniel Bourne; Evan Hill; Jacqueline Caldwell; Tiffani Ramos; Ria Crystal Johnson; Elisha Cliette. North Carolina New Teacher Support Program 1. Sponsor: East Carolina Univ from North Carolina Office of the Governor.

$94,308. John Weil, NC Network for Safe Communities. FY 2022 GPD Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative. Sponsor: City of Greensboro/DOJ.

$50,000. Evan Goldstein, Office of Research & Engagement. I-Corps: Instant Sediment Grain Size Measurements. Sponsor: NSF.

$27,500. Sarah Koerner, Biology. Legume-rhizobia symbiosis as a tool to enhance restoration success and long-term sustainability of longleaf pine savanna forestry. Sponsor: North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

$20,000. Dennis Lajeunesse, Nanoscience. Nanomaterial Sensitizers for Antifungal Therapies. Sponsor: North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Photo by Jiyoung Park: Dr. Sally Koerner and her students in the Northridge Greenhouse

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