Student research at UNCG falls under the purview of the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Graduate School.

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office

The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office (URSCO) at UNCG is dedicated to supporting and promoting undergraduate research, creative expression, and other scholarly experiences for our students. These experiences can be part of an independent study or mentoring by a UNCG faculty member.

The office sponsors a wide variety of programmatic activities for students and faculty members including internal funding opportunities for faculty or student collaborations (Undergraduate Research Assistantships, Community-Based Research Assistantships, and Interdisciplinary Research Assitantships) and a celebration of student research held during Excellence Day. OUR hosts a variety of student workshops, including students talking to each other about their research, how to create an effective poster, how to identify the right research program, and what to expect from a research experience. The office also hosts faculty development seminars on topics such as building research skills into the curriculum and how to mentor research students.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School at UNCG is responsible for the welfare of all the graduate programs on campus and approximately 3600 graduate students from 33 states and 34 foreign countries. The University offers three doctoral degrees in eighteen areas of study, master’s degrees in a wide variety of concentrations including four Master of Fine Arts degrees, and a number of Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master’s Certificates.

The Graduate Dean is the chief administrative officer of The Graduate School, taking general responsibility for the development, improvement, and administration of all graduate study at The University. The Dean of The Graduate School serves as an admissions officer who is responsible for administering the services to graduate students and programs. All matters of policy, procedures, and graduate curriculum are developed, approved, and implemented in consultation with programs and the Graduate Studies Committee.


Office of Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary Education – Beyond Academics

UNCG Research is proud to house the Office of Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary Education, the organization responsible for Beyond Academics at UNCG. Beyond Academics is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit affiliate of the university that provides supports and services for enrolled students.

Through Beyond Academics, UNCG supports students with intellectual disabilities in a four-year certificate course of study called Integrative Community Studies. This course of study prepares students for a self-determined lifestyle emphasizing careers, meaningful avocations, and community living. Students completing requirements for graduation receive a certificate awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Studies at UNCG.