LeGreco receives Public Scholarship Award from international association

Posted on November 11, 2021

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The International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement has recognized Dr. Marianne LeGreco with its 2021 Public Scholarship Award.

The associate professor of communications studies was honored for her work grounded in community-engaged approaches to building communication infrastructure around food.

“Her scholarship is multi modal – from TED Talks to books published with academic presses – bringing attention to issues of food insecurity and community responses to food justice,” said organizers in the IARSLCE award announcement. “Her work has helped change policies at the city and county level, created food councils at the county level, and shifted the focus from individual behaviors around food practices to social determinants and barriers within our food systems.”

The Public Scholarship Award is for exemplary interdisciplinary research that has a demonstrable ameliorative impact on pressing public issues with a special focus on the knowledge needs of policymakers and practitioners. The award recognizes research that generates non-traditional scholarly products, presented in a manner that is widely accessible to targeted audiences or the general public.

Nominations were reviewed by a committee of IARSLCE members and affirmed by the Board of Directors. 

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