2022 Spring Internal Funding Program Awardees

Posted on August 04, 2022

Featured Image for 2022 Spring Internal Funding Program Awardees
UNCG Research Magazine Spring 2020: Dr. Eric Josephs, Right Idea, Mechanisms of Mutation

We are pleased to announce that 13 projects received funding through the competitive 2022 Spring Internal Funding Program.


Arts and Humanities Subcommittee

Bender, Jill, “Assisted Emigrants: Irish Female Migration Projects and the British Empire,” Department of History

Voelker, Emily, “Circulating Pictures/Contested Geographies: Photography, Native American Sovereignty & the French Atlantic Imaginary,” School of Art

Jashari, Denisa, “Cartographies of Conflict: Political Culture and Urban Space in Santiago, Chile, 1872-1994,” Department of History

Lawrimore, Erin, “From “Hobby Project” to Economic Driver: Exploring the 40 Year History of Craft Brewing in North Carolina,” University Libraries

Social and Behavioral Sciences Subcommittee

Epstein, Crystal, “Longitudinal Effects of Depression on Stress Physiology During Pregnancy,” Department of Family and Community Nursing

Levenson, Zachary, “The South African Tradition of Racial Capitalism,” Department of Sociology

Tucker, Denise / Kaplan, Alicia, “Making Connections: Online Group Aural Rehabilitation for Late-Deafened Adults with Cochlear Implants,” Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Physical and Natural Sciences Committee

Josephs, Eric, “High-resolution, intra-host spatial mapping of viral mutations in an RNA virus,” Department of Nanoscience

Ahmed, Suzanne, “Investigation of the Mechanism of Emergence of Collective Behavior in Motile Cilia using Model Artificial Cilia,” Department of Nanoscience

Erovenko, Igor, “Novel models of social interactions in realistic populations,” Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Creative and Performing Arts Subcommittee

Skorski, Edwin, Location-Specific Sound-Sculpture,” Department of Interior Architecture

Young, Clarice, “The Movement Style of Choreographer Ronald K. Brown,” School of Dance

Frierson, Michael, “Tighten and distribute a documentary on Fred Chappell,” Department of Media Studies

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