2022 Undergraduate Expo Winners

Posted on April 25, 2022

Featured Image for 2022 Undergraduate Expo Winners

The Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo took place online again this year. Participants uploaded video presentations to the URSCO Virtual Expo site for perusal by visitors and judges, as part of a week-long event.

First, second, and third place winners and honorable mentions were selected in six categories:

Congratulations to the winning undergraduate scholars listed below!

Business, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences

1st Place

Maegan Ferguson (Anthropology, Junior)

Mentor: Charles Egeland (Anthropology)

A Comparative Study of Agonistic and Affiliative Behavior in Captive and Wild Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

2nd Place

Kerry Cope (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies, Junior)

Mentor: Jin Su (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies)

Sustainability in Fashion in a Post-COVID World: Investigating Generation Z College Students’ Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behavior toward Sustainable Fashion Apparel

3rd Place

Logan Sprinkle (Kinesiology, Senior) and Angelina Xiong (Psychology, Junior)

Mentor: KyoungShin Park (Kinesiology)

Rhythmic Exercise with Music in Adults with Cognitive Decline and Caregivers

Honorable Mention

Dana Whitehead (Psychology, Senior), Cristina Nicole Angell (Psychology, Post-Bac), Amanda Richardson (Psychology, Senior), Malaysia Kenan (Psychology), and Autumn Frandock (Psychology)

Mentor: Michaeline Jensen (Psychology)

Exploration of association between affective loneliness and physical isolation to alcohol consumption in adolescents


1st Place

Sophia Rosenberg (Religious Studies, Senior)

Mentors: Gregory P. Grieve (Religious Studies)

Video Games and The Problem of Evil: A “Xeno-Virtual-Ethnography” of the Videogame Valheim

3rd Place

Krista Savage-White (Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Sophomore)

Mentor: Hewan Girma (African American Studies Program)

Race and Identity: Finding the North Star Podcast

Honorable Mention

Cynth Torres (Religious Studies, Senior)

Mentor: Dana Logan (Religious Studies)

Feminist Witchcraft: Starhawk’s Reclaiming Collective and the Synthesis of the Political Witch

Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences

1st Place

Page Turner (Biology, Senior)

Mentor: Sally Koerner (Biology)

Impact of burn frequency on arthropod communities in North Carolina longleaf pine savannas

2nd Place

Philip West (Chemistry, Senior)

Mentor: Mitch Croatt (Chemistry)

Towards the Total Synthesis of Ambuic Acid and Analogues

3rd Place

Patrick Gallagher (Biology, Senior)

Mentor: Kasie Raymann (Biology)

Antibiotic Exposure is Lethal to Developing Male Honey Bees

Honorable Mentions

Jennifer Obike (Biochemistry, Senior)

Mentor: Nicholas Oberlies (Biochemistry)

Optimized Extraction of Alkaloids from Kratom and Semi-Synthetic Derivatives

Zachary Bunch (Biology, Senior)

Mentor: Sally Koerner (Biology)

Impacts of invasion on the insect communities of Montanan rangelands

Performing Arts

1st Place

River Hedgepeth (Theatre, Senior)

Mentor: Natalie Sowell (Theatre)

The Gender Gallery

2nd Place

Clare Haneberg (Music Education, Junior)

Mentor: Rebecca MacLeod (Music Education)

An Investigation of Composer Race/Ethnicity of Compositions Included in State Orchestra Adjudication Festivals

3rd Place

Andrew Ralston (Music Education, Sophomore); Gracie Zielinski (Music, Sophomore); Kyra Totillo (Music, Junior) and Hanna Fishastion (Music, Sophomore)

Mentors: Rebecca MacLeod (Music Education) and Marjorie Bagley (Music)

String Quartet no. 5 in C Minor Movement 1 “Rosa Parks” by Daniel Bernard Roumain

Honorable Mentions

Raven Sizemore (Music Education, Sophomore)

Mentor: Randy Kohlenberg (Music Education)

Discovering Diversity in Music

Visual Arts Exhibition

1st Place

Mary Nease (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies, Senior)

Mentor: Haeun Bang (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies)

Beverly Hillbilly

2nd Place

Ashley Smith (Art, Junior)

Mentors: Lee Walton (Art) and Nikki Blair (Art)

Menagerie Du Macabre

3rd Place

Kasey Condon (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies)

Mentor: Haeun Bang (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies)

Adaptive Clothing: Making Fashion Forward Clothes More Accessible to the Physically Disabled

Honorable Mentions

Gadisse Lee (Art, Senior)

Mentor: Walton Lee (Art) and Leah Sobsey (Art)

Emerging Scholars (UNCG Residential College Students)

1st Place

Tiana Howard (Media Studies, Sophomore)

Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Ashby College)

Disabling Barriers on Screen: The Fight for Representation and the End of Ableism

2nd Place

Katherine Wyrick (English, Sophomore)

Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Ashby College)

Can Reading Make You a Better Person?

3rd Place

Selene Santiago-Lopez (International & Global Studies; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Sophomore)

Mentor: John Sopper (Grogan College)

Indigenous Holistic Ways of Learning and Teaching within Educational Spaces

Honorable Mentions

Adeline Sallade (Psychology, Junior)

Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Ashby College)

The Psychology of Sex Aggression: Inside the Criminal Mind

Alexa Villarreal (Public Health, Sophomore)

Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Strong College)

What Is Critical Race Theory, Why Is It Banned in Schools, and Should It Be Taught in Schools?

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