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Partners and infrastructure speed you on your journey from idea to impact.

Find the collaborators, connections, technology, and tools you need through our centers and institutes, our scholarly networks and coalitions, and our technical facilities and partnerships. 

Our 17 interdisciplinary centers and institutes drive innovation, create new knowledge, and provide an engine for scholars to partner with the community to address critical challenges.

Centers provide research opportunities, facilities, and support for work in high-impact areas, and broaden the University’s public service and educational activities.

Forming a center

Access general guidelines, procedures, and forms regarding UNCG Institutes and Centers here.

Our research networks and coalitions foster interdisciplinary scholarly activities. Composed of faculty from the UNCG community whose scholarship and teaching reflect a core theme, these networks capitalize on and leverage the University’s strengths by coordinating and facilitating collaborations and enhancing research and teaching.

Gateway University Research Park

UNC Greensboro partnered with NC A&T to develop the Gateway University Research Park, which provides world-class laboratories and office space to businesses, universities, and the local community. In this uniquely collaborative environment, tenants and partners utilize shared resources for technological progress, including a T3 MRI, the largest electron microscope in the Southeast, and a state-of-the-art materials testing center. The campus also provides support in turning intellectual property into thriving businesses in areas of life and physical science, engineering, and other applied sciences.

Gateway houses several ventures led or co-led by UNC Greensboro:

  • Gateway UNCG MRI Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging: At the center, imaging scientists collaborate across disciplines to develop new approaches for examining anatomical and functional connectivity in neural circuits and to explore emerging frontiers in neural engineering.
  • Joint School for Nanoscience and NanoengineeringThe JSNN is an academic collaboration between UNC Greensboro and NC A&T, that offers innovative, cross-disciplinary graduate programs and research opportunities in nano-bioscience, nanometrology, nanomaterials, nanobioelectronics, nano-energy, and computational nanotechnology.
  • SERVE Center: UNC Greensboro’s education research, evaluation, and technical assistance center works with educators and policymakers at the local, state, and national levels.

North Carolina Research Campus

UNCG is a member of the North Carolina Research Campus, a public-private partnership forged by corporations, universities, and healthcare organizations to transform science at the intersection of human health, nutrition, and agriculture. At the 350-acre campus just north of Charlotte, researchers in UNC Greensboro’s Center for Translational Biomedical Research are developing new approaches to the prevention and treatment of illnesses such as diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Technology and Data Institute

UNCG is part of the Technology and Digital Institute, which is committed to transforming the Piedmont Triad into a smart and connected region where communities and innovation will flourish through shared technology and data. TDI is a regional public service institute leading a collaborative effort to ensure that everyone — scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, communities, and K-12 students in underserved areas — has the digital infrastructure needed to thrive.

Core Labs