Research Advisory Council


The Research Advisory Council (RAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement.The primary purposes of RAC are to promote a positive research culture and develop strategies and infrastructure to support successful research and creative endeavors.

Members of RAC bring both unique (as agents of individual units) and common (as members of the greater research/creative community) perspectives to RAC. RAC members provide insight into and leadership for policies, practices, and procedures for expanding research opportunities and activities at the University.

Members of RAC work collaboratively with other groups such as the Faculty Senate Research Policies Committee to address issues that impact the research enterprise.


The Research Advisory Council strives to meet its purpose via multiple avenues, including:

  • Recommending and promoting structures, policies, and procedures that enhance and expand research capacity
  • Proposing solutions to alleviate identified barriers to research
  • Advocating for policies and procedures that foster, support, and reward research and creative activity
  • Collaborating with others involved in the research/creative enterprise to meet the research needs of faculty, staff, and students
  • Providing and/or advocating for new or additional support mechanisms when research needs of faculty, staff, and students are unmet
  • Sharing resources, information, and best practices for research/creative activity
  • Initiating and developing infrastructure and mechanisms for sustainable interdisciplinary and collaborative research/creative endeavors
  • Acting as conduits of information and collaboration between and among campus units, centers, institutes, and divisions and the greater community.

Current members

RAC is composed of the primary research administrators from each academic unit on campus (Associate Deans for Research and/or Directors of Research) and representatives from university research centers and University Libraries.

Bryan School of Business and Economics

Jeremy Bray, Professor and Department Head of Economics
462 Bryan School
Phone: 336-334-3910

Child and Family Research Network

Suite 200, 330 S. Greene St., Greensboro, NC 27401

College of Arts & Sciences

Amy Adamson, Associate Dean for Research
100 Foust Building
Phone: 336-334-4758

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Janet Lilly
323 Coleman Building
Phone: 336-334-3262

The Graduate School

Kelly Burke, Vice Provost for Graduate Education
241 Mossman Building
Phone: 336-334-5596

Information Technology Services

Jeff Whitworth, Assistant VC for Enterprise Infrastructure
102 McNutt Building
Phone: 336-334-9854

Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Yirong Mo,  Chair, Nanoscience Department 
2907 East Lee Street, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27401
Phone: 336-285-2813

Office of Contracts and Grants

Bill Walters, Director
2511 MHRA Building
Phone: 336-334-5824

Office of the Provost


Office of Research and Engagement

Terri Shelton, Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
1702 MHRA Building
Phone: 336-256-0232

Kim Littlefield, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
1714 MHRA Building
Phone: 336-256-1298

Sam Seyedin, Program Manager, LaunchUNCG
1613 MHRA Building
Phone: 336-334-4773

Office of Research Integrity

Lisa Goble, Director
2602 MHRA Building
Phone: 336-256-1173

Office of Sponsored Programs

Valera Francis, Director
2704 MHRA Building
Phone: 336-334-4919

Research Policies Committee

Laura Gonzalez, Chair
488 School of Education Building, School of Education
Phone: 336-334-3437

School of Education

Bob Henson, Associate Dean of Research
248 School of Education Building
Phone: 336-334-4728

School of Health and Human Sciences

Esther Leerkes, Associate Dean for Research
248 Stone Building
Phone: 336-334-5076


George Hancock, Director of the National Center for Homeless Education
North Campus, Gateway University Research Park
5900 Summit Ave., Browns Summit, NC 27214
Phone: 336-315-7453

School of Nursing

Debra Wallace, Associate Dean for Research
210 Moore Building
Phone: 336-256-0572

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office

Lee Phillips, Director
130 Shaw Residence Hall
Phone: 336-334-4622

University Libraries

Michael Crumpton, Assistant Dean for Administrative Services
208 Jackson Library
Phone: 336-334-5880