Funding Friday

Posted on February 23, 2024

Featured Image for Funding Friday

It’s new funding Friday! Check out some of the grants that recently came through our Office of Sponsored Programs.

$1,043,289. Arthur Murphy, Anthropology. “Recipe for Success.” Sponsor: NC DHHS Division of Child and Family Well-Being.

$967,316. Maia Popova, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Mitch Croatt.  “Collaborative Research: Broadening Instructional Innovation in the Chemistry Laboratory through Excellence in Curriculum Development.” Sponsor: National Science Foundation.

$818,000. Ayalew Osena, Biology. “TRTech-PGR: PlantTransform: Boosting Agrobacterium-mediated transformation efficiency in the orphan crop tef (Eragrostis tef) for trait improvement.” Sponsor: National Science Foundation.

$800,000. Hemali Rathnayake, Nanoscience. “Polymer Impregnated Sorbent Technology for Lithium Recovery and Conversion.” Sponsor: North Carolina Collaboratory.

$545,086 (continuing award, $2,960,484). Esther Leerkes, Human Development and Family Studies; Laurie Gold, Lenka Shriver, Jessica Dollar. “Food and Non-Food Self-Regulation in Children’s Obesity Risk: A Biopsychosocial Perspective.” Sponsor: National Institutes of Health.

$400,100. Nicholas Oberlies, Chemistry and Biochemistry. “Assigning mode of action to phenotypically discovered anticancer leads.” Sponsor:  Attagene Inc.

$234,985. Maria Anastasiou, International Program Center; Ye He. “Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program.” Sponsor:  USAID International Research and Exchanges Board.

$150,000 (continuing award, $300,000). Regina McCoy, Undergraduate Student Success. “Transfer, Accelerate, Complete, and Engage Grant.” Sponsor:  University of North Carolina System Office.

$68,290. Jeff Milroy, Public Health Education. “Prevention Strategies Contract 2024.” Sponsor: Prevention Strategies.

$40,000. Nicholas Oberlies, Chemistry and Biochemistry. “Harnessing fungal natural products for scalable and sustainable honey bee therapeutics.” Sponsor: Sponsor:  USDA Agriculture Research Service.

$32,392 (supplemental award, $543,141 total). Harriette Bailey, Human Development and Family Studies. “Education, Quality Improvement and Professional Development (EQuIPD).” Sponsor: Guilford County Partnership for Children.

$31,207. Joy Bhadury, Information Systems and Supply Chain Managment. “NCDMV Process Improvement Study.” Sponsor: Legislative Services Office of the North Carolina General Assembly.

$30,000. Ayalew Osena, Biology. “Enabling Farm Resilience Using Indigenous and Niche Vegetables: Production and Plant Health, Bioactive Compounds, Food Transformation and Profitability.” Sponsor: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

$30,000 (supplemental award, $483,000 total). Terri Shelton, Center for Youth, Family & Community Partnerships. “Bringing Out the Best Program- 2023-2025 Funding Cycle.” Sponsor: Guilford County Partnership for Children.

$23,450. Faith Freeman, Ipie. “IPIE Tutoring Services for Rockingham County Schools (Spring 2024).” Sponsor: Rockingham County Schools.

$22,500. Erick Byrd, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Tourism. “Strategic Plan for the North Carolina Wine and Grape Industry (2025 – 2029).” Sponsor: NCDACS Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

$19,660 (continuing award, $38,911). Amanda Tanner, Public Health Education. “Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN) Scientific Leadership Center.” Sponsor: Florida State University.

$15,000. Erick Byrd, Center for Industry Research and Engagement. “Creating Outdoor Recreation Economies (UNCG – CORE).” Sponsor: NC Department of Commerce.

$15,000. Huzefa A Raja, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Nicholas Oberlies. “What’s in the water? Discovering the Freshwater Ascomycetes of Marion County, Indiana.” Sponsor: Indianapolis Zoo.

$11,250. Faith Freeman, Ipie. “IPie Microcourses for Randolph County Schools 2023-2024.” Sponsor: Randolph County Board of Education.

$8,320. Faith Freeman, Ipie. “IPie Microcourses for Guilford County Schools Spring 2024.” Sponsor: Guilford County Schools.

$5,500. Jennifer Whitney, Student Health Services. “Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund (Subaward 30-11)-Students Mental Health Program II: QPR Training- Systemwide Suicide Prevention Training.” Sponsor: University of North Carolina System Office.

$1,859. Eric Josephs, Nanoscience. “Nonviral Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 into Hepatocytes Combined with APAP Selection for Treatment of Familial Hypercholesterolemia.” Sponsor: Clemson University.

Photo of the Osena lab in action by Martin W. Kane. Read more about Osena’s work in “Secrets of an Ancient Grain” in UNCG Research Magazine.

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