Funding Friday

Posted on May 03, 2024

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It’s new funding Friday! Check out some of the grants that recently came through our Office of Sponsored Programs.

$5,000,000. John Kiss, College of Arts and Sciences; Jennifer Feather, Heather Adams, Maura Heyn. “Mellon Internships in the Humanities at UNC Greensboro.” Sponsor: Andrew W Mellon Foundation.

$784,752. Lisa Phillips, SERVE. “North Carolina Homeless Education Program – Year 16.” Sponsor: NC Department of Public Instruction.

$562,238. Kevin Wilcox, Biology.  “IntBIO COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Integrating trait diversity across hierarchical scales to predict biological resilience in an era of extreme environmental change.” Sponsor: National Science Foundation.

$456,601 (continuing award, $6,825,649). Zhangxiang Zhou, Center for Translational Biomedical Research. “Aldehydes in Alcohol-Induced Organ Injury.” Sponsor: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

$377,591. Lisa Phillips, SERVE. “North Carolina Department of Public Education Foster Care Education – Years 16 and 17.” Sponsor: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

$319,062 (continuing award, $1,384,059). Qibin Zhang, Ctr for Translational Biomed Research. “Lipidome remodeling during development of T1D. Sponsor: National Institutes of Health.

$267,041 (continuing award, $1,335,205). Kimberly Petersen, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Lee Phillips, Sherine Obare. “UNC-Greensboro U-RISE: Engage, Sustain, and Prepare Future PhD Biomedical Scientists.” Sponsor: National Institutes of Health.

$228,419. Bruce Rich, Center for Housing and Community Studies; Dr. Erica Payton Foh. “Racially-Disparate Effects on Housing Conditions of State Preemption Policies Barring Proactive Local Housing Code Enforcement Programs.” Sponsor: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

$192,755 (continuing award, $542,473). Forgive Avorgbedor, Professional Nursing Education. “Arterial stiffness in mother/infant dyads: Life course approach to prevent cardiovascular disease. Sponsor: National Institutes of Health 

$188,166 (continuing award, $1,050,518). Qibin Zhang, Center for Translational Biomedical Research. “Critical lipid species in the hepatovirus lifecycle.” Sponsor: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Arterial stiffness in mother/infant dyads: Life course approach to prevent cardiovascular disease.” Sponsor: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

$182,500 (continuing award, $1,435,000). Brian Clarida, Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations. “UNCG Equity-Focused Assistant Principal Leadership Academy (EFLA), 2021-2026.” Sponsor: Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools.

$181,309 (continuing award, $855,059). Nadja Cech, Chemistry & Biochemistry. “Predoctoral Training: Innovative Technologies for Natural Products an Integrative Medicine Research.” Sponsor: National Institutes of Health.

$165,874 (continuing award, $741,166). Carrie Morris,  Counseling and Education Development; Dr. Leslie Borders. “ACTIVATE Plus: Advancing Coordinated and Timely Interventions through Awareness, Training & Education – a PipeLine Uplifting Students.” Sponsor: Rockingham County Schools.

$152,465. Beth Thrift, SERVE. “NC Stronger Connections Grant (NCSCG).” Sponsor: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

$110,000. Megan Walters, Career & Professional Development. “SECU Foundation Public Fellows Internship Program.” Sponsor: Employee’s Credit Union Foundation, Inc.

$84,559 (continuing award, $123,470). Tamar Goldenberg, Public Health Education; Amanda Tanner. “Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions (ATN) Scientific Leadership Center.” Sponsor: Florida State University.

$80,000. Dannette McCain, Center-Youth-Families & Community Partnerships. “Juvenile Justice Behavioral Health (JJBH) Partnerships.” Sponsor: Trillium Health Resources.

$79,681 (continuing award, $322,037). Aileen Reid, Education Research Methodology. “AI Institute: AI-Augmented Learning: Adult Learning: Novel AI Techniques for Online Education.” Sponsor: Georgia Institute of Technology.

$63,636 (continuing award, $318,406). Aileen Reid, Education Research Methodology. “BPC-AE: Equity in Computing Education Policies, Pathways, and Practices (ECEP 3).” Sponsor: University of Texas at Austin.

$53,106 (continuing award, $509,725). Carla Garrett, SERVE. “Regional Education Laboratory Southeast.” Sponsor:  Florida State University.

$49,998. Clifford Smyth, Mathematics and Statistics. “Conference: Triangle Lectures in Combinatorics.” Sponsor: National Science Foundation.

$45,000. Jianjun Wei, Nanoscience. “Development of Hybrid Nanoprobes for Herbicide Detection using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectroscopy.” Sponsor: Syngenta.

$40,634 (continuing award, $81,269). Julie Edmunds, Early College Research Center. “Transfer, Accelerate, Complete, and Engage (TrACE Phase II) Pilot Program.” Sponsor: University of North Carolina System Office.

$40,000 (continuing award, $139,273). Shan Suthaharan, Computer Science. “AI-Based Virtual Twin System for Ophthalmology.” Sponsor: University of Pittsburgh.

$30,000. Michael Callihan, School of Nursing. “Safer lifting strategies for Emergency Nurses. Sponsor: Emergency Nurses Association Foundation.

$27,500. Kerui Wu, Nanoscience. “Engineering a SMART Nanovesicle for Dendritic Cell-Deficient Cancer Treatment.” Sponsor: North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

$22,496 (continuing award, $112,579). Noah Lenstra, Library & Information Science.  “Rural Libraries Promoting Walking and Walkability in Their Rural Communities.” Sponsor: Oregon Health and Science University.

$22,321 (continuing award, $186,255). Robert Wiley, Psychology. “The cognitive and neural bases of word learning in aging, stroke and developmental language impairment.” Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University.

$18,470. Eric Josephs, Nanoscience.  “Nonviral Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 into Hepatocytes Combined with APAP Selection for Treatment of Familial Hypercholesterolemia.” Sponsor: Clemson University.

$17,848. Kyung Yong Kim, Information, Library and Research Science. “OAERS contract with American Board of Medical Specialists (2024-2025).” Sponsor: American Board of Medical Specialties.

$14,185 (continuing award, $112,179). Aileen Reid, Educational Research Methodology. “BD Hubs: Collaborative Proposal: Midwest: Midwest Big Data Hub: Building Communities to Harness the Data Revolution.” Sponsor: University of Illinois-Champaign.

$11,876 (continuing award, $17,771). Lucia Mendez, Communication Sciences and Disorders. “More PEAS Please! Bridging the GAP Between Preschool and K-12 Learning Environments.” Sponsor: North Carolina State University.

$10,000. Nicholas Oberlies, Chemistry & Biochemistry. “De-duplication: 10 samples for 5 Metis.” Sponsor: 5 Metis, Inc.

$3,000. Amanda Gale, Interior Architecture. “Immersive Recycling: The Merging of Art and Audits to Encourage Behavioral Change.” Sponsor: Interior Design Educators Council Foundation, Inc. 

$3,000. Harriette Bailey, Human Development and Family Studies. “Strengthening Food & Agriculture Value Chains in NC Through Farm to Child Care Collaborations.” North Carolina State University. 

$3,000. Stephen Johnson, SERVE. “Building Engineers in K-5 Classrooms: 2024 Conference (SPONSORSHIP).” Sponsor: Burroughs Wellcome Fund.

$2,000. Regina McCoy, Undergraduate Student Success. “ECMC Foundation-UNC System Transfer ACE Project- TrACE Phase II.” Sponsor: University of North Carolina System Office.

$1,565. Natalie Sowell, School of Theatre. “The Greater Greensboro Theater Consortium’s Amplify Black Voices New Play Festival.”

$1,125 (continuing award, $2,625). Thomas McCoy, Nursing.  “Nurses’ Attitudes of Patients with Perinatal Substance Use Disorder: A Mixed-Methods Study.” Sponsor: Western Carolina University.

In this photo by David Lee Row, Dr. Forgive Avorgebedor demonstrates the use of a Vicorder® with graduate student Favour Omondi and Dr. Esther Leerkes. Read more about the nursing researcher’s study of heart health among childbearing parents in UNCG Research Magazine.

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