Funding Friday

Posted on September 08, 2023

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It’s new funding Friday! Check out some of the grants that recently came through UNCG Sponsored Programs. 

$3,356,125 (continuing award, $16,343,547 total). Priscilla Maynor, SERVE. “Region Center 6 at SERVE (RC6).” Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education.

$2,230,036 (continuing award, $4,430,036 total). Christine Murray, Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnerships. “Tiered Care Coordination and the NC High Fidelity Wraparound Training Program.” Sponsor: NCDHHS.

$1,579,604. Kierra Sattler, Human Development & Family Studies; Esther Leerkes, Cheryl Buehler. “The Impact of COVID-19 on Parent and Child Well-Being in Early Childhood.” Sponsor: National Institutes of Health.

$556,173. Faith Freeman, Ipie. “IPie GCS Math & Science Teachers for Tomorrow (MST2) 2023-2024.” Sponsor: Guilford County Schools.

$269,220 (continuing award, $1,582,560 total). Nicholas Oberlies, Chemistry & Biochemistry. “Discovery of anticancer agents of diverse natural origin.” Sponsor: HHS NIH National Cancer Institute.

$149,949. Jared McGuirt, Nutrition. “Development and testing of a place-based behavioral “nudge” technology intervention to promote healthier food purchases among military service members at Fort Bragg.” Sponsor: DOD DA Fort Bragg Army Base.

$144,000. Qibin Zhang, Center for Translational Biomedical Research. “Influence of 2-Weeks Beet Pre-Workout Supplement Ingestion on Inflammation Resolution and Metabolic Recovery After Vigorous Exercise.” Sponsor: App State University.

$90,000. Regina McCoy, Undergraduate Student Success. “Gear Up NC.” Sponsor: UNC System Office.

$49,243 (continuing award, $246,417 total). Amanda Tanner, Public Health Education. “Exploring the consequences of food insecurity and harnessing the power of peer navigation and mHealth to reduce food insecurity and cardiometabolic comorbidities among persons with HIV.” Sponsor: Wake Forest University Health Sciences.

$39,000. Jennifer Whitney, Student Health Services. “Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund Micro Grant.” Sponsor: UNC System Office.

$19,498. Kyung Yong Kim, Ed Research Methodology. “Research and Evaluation Support with Guilford County Schools Accountability, Research, and Planning Office 2023-2024.” Sponsor: Guilford County Schools.

$19,498. Dora Gicheva, Economics. “Research and Evaluation Support with Guilford County Schools.”  Sponsor: Guilford County Schools.

$17,021. Noah Lenstra, Library and Information Science. “Conference: Building Resilient Communities: A National Symposium that explores the role of public libraries in addressing local climate impacts.” Sponsor: Space Science Institute.

$15,480. Kyung Yong Kim, Ed Research Methodology. “Experiential Measurement Training with American Board of Pediatrics (2023-2024).” Sponsor: American Board of Pediatrics.

$15,165. Kyung Yong Kim, Ed Research Methodology. “Research and Evaluation Support with Guilford County Schools Tutoring Program 2023-2024.” Sponsor: Guilford County Schools.

£10,000. Alexander Eger, History. “The Afterlives of “Lost” Classical Cities: Uncovering Caesarea Maritima’s Islamic Past.” Sponsor: Barakat Trust.

$1,500. Thomas McCoy, Nursing; Debra Wallace. “Nurses’ Attitudes of Patients with Perinatal Substance Use Disorder: A Mixed-Methods Study.” Sponsor: Western Carolina University.

Photo by Martin W. Kane from “What are my choices?” in the 2020 UNCG Research Magazine

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