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Repurposing Virtual Reality for Health

Rhea to speak at TEDxGreensboro

Posted on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 by UNCG Research.

Associate Professor Chris Rhea will be one of 12 speakers at TEDxGreensboro2017.

The kinesiologist will discuss his efforts to repurpose virtual reality systems originally designed for the entertainment industry, to address human health challenges.

Dr. Rhea’s research centers on the control of gait and balance. In virtual reality, he has found a unique opportunity to help patients redevelop walking ability, using individually tailored programs that overcome real-world constraints.

The event takes place Thursday, April 20th.

To get tickets for TEDxGreensboro, go to http://tedxgreensboro.com.


With funding from the Department of Defense, the Navy, and the Women’s Football Foundation, Rhea is working to help patients recover after concussions, stroke, amputations, and more. To read about his innovative methods and findings, check out our article in UNCG Research Magazine.