In order to serve the growing technological needs of UNCG’s research community The Office of Research and Engagement has established the Research Information Technology (RIT) group.

The RIT group provides tech support to The Office of Research and Engagement as well as the offices and centers housed within. These areas of support typically include but are not limited to hardware, software, secure data storage consultation, and research administration systems.

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The Cayuse system at UNCG was implemented to better assist researchers with processing information quickly and efficiently. For more information about Cayuse visit


Information Technology Services (ITS) offers research computing support and training and provides recommendations for software packages and computing platforms for use in the research or creative process. ITS staff is available to work closely with you at the beginning of your project or grant-writing process to help evaluate your research technology needs and recommend solutions that not only meet your specific needs but are compatible with the technology services offered at UNCG.

Get help with:

  • Consulting and support
  • Research software
  • Research computing platforms
  • High-performance computing support and training
  • Data storage
  • Server and database hosting
  • Web hosting/development services
  • Computer hardware purchases
  • High-speed networking services

List of policies related to technology at UNCG.

Qualtrics – a web-based application used to design, distribute, and analyze online surveys.


Investigators and the institution must work to ensure that research data are stored, retained, made accessible for use and reuse, and/or disposed of according to legal, statutory, ethical, and funding body requirements. Multiple individuals, offices, and groups work together to ensure that the stewardship of research data is handled in a thoughtful and thorough manner, reflecting the university’s commitment to the responsible and ethical conduct of research.

Research Data Management Guide – UNCG Libraries

Data management is the process of managing your data before, during, and after a research project. The effective management of your data ensures that your research is secure, promotes the reuse of your data by other researchers, and assures compliance with federal guidelines. Learn how to manage your UNCG data (including creating a data management plan, storing data, sharing and archiving your data, and finding data) here.

Access to and Retention of Research Data – UNCG Policy

The purpose of the policy on Access to and Retention of Research Data is to outline the rights and responsibilities of investigators and the institution in the use, retention, and maintenance of data produced as a result of the research enterprise of the university. Read the policy here.

Data Classification – UNCG Policy

UNCG administrative data are an asset owned by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (hereinafter “University”) and must be protected accordingly. A data policy is necessary to provide a framework for securing data from risks including but not limited to, unauthorized destruction, modification, disclosure, access, use, and removal. This policy outlines the measures and responsibilities required for securing data resources. It shall be carried out in conformity with state and federal law. Read the policy here.


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